The pleasantness, the efficacy, the feeling of well-being derived from a massage are related to the high expertise and sensitivity of the masseuse, along with the right choice of the instruments employed.

It is for this reason that, during the last few years, Baan Sabai Thai Massage Center organised a series of thai oil massage training  for its personnel, involving the best masters in the field, who came straight from Thailand, and has chosen the highest quality products in order to make the treatment even more intense and pleasant for the customers.

Thai oil massage training 

Sharing the same view, in 2010 Bpunvaree Pongchababnap and Heimo Rieger, owners of TAMARIND SPRINGS, one of the most prestigious and renowned spas in Thailand, located in the marvellous and luxuriant island of Koh Samui, held a   thai oil massage training  at the Baan Sabai Massage Center. We are talking of two well renowned masters who have been dedicating themselves to this style of massage for years, studying every single aspect of it and holding workshops and seminars all over the world.

An intense thai oil massage training course, during which both theoretical and practical classes were held, in order to examine in depth all the aspects related to human anatomy, and to practically apply the thai oil massage techniques which – it is worth remembering – is executed with the use of fists, elbows and forearms.

A specific thai oil massage techniques treatment , recommended to decontract muscular tensions (on the back or along the lumbar, scapular and dorsal lines), capable of providing remarkable relief to the limbs and as well recommended for the legs, as it can help to drain and reduce swelling, thanks to the high stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic system generated by the specific compression manoeuvres and thai oil massage techniques.

A thai oil massage techniques that combines both the decontracting and draining aspect, making it a multi-purpose and particularly valued massage.

A massage enhanced by the application of an oil, the New Sky (Brand Wat Po’), an excellent product with unique properties, that was specifically created for Baan Sabai Thai Massage Center and that makes the treatment even more effective.